Decide which staking duration you want to lock in at.
Longer durations will yield higher APRs.


Approve usage of $AFX tokens and deposit your amount of AFX tokens. Minimum of 100,000 AFX tokens.


You're done! Your dashboard would show you how much you've earned every 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

  • How is the APR Calculated?
    Staked AFX tokens are always assumed at $0.005 each. Therefore, the APR percentage is based on "X" amount of AFX multiplied by $0.005. Eg. 100,000 AFX is valued at $500. 12% APR would be based on $500. 
  • What if the prices of AFX has gone higher than $0.005?
    As for our initial phase, we would still value it at $0.005 per AFX token. It also works the other way. If AFX is trading under $0.005, it is more profitable.
  • How much can i stake?
    You can stake however much for the 4 durations. However, once all the staked positions are filled up for the current phase then we would put it on hold. But we would also be opening up new phases as the protocol progresses along. 
  • Can i redeem early?
    Yes you may. But you will incur a small penalty plus not receive any staked rewards.
  • Why isn't there flexible staking?
    In the near future we will enable flexible staking with withdrawals available at anytime. However, for our initial phase, we are not going to introduce that just yet.
15 Days



    100,000 AFX Minimum
30 Days



    100,000 AFX Minimum
60 Days



    100,000 AFX Minimum
90 Days



    100,000 AFX Minimum

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