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Treasury is Everything...

In the fiat world there are what everyone knows as mutual funds. It's basically run by fund managers investing into several different types of asset classes. Most people invest into them as it is an easier way to gain exposure and invest into a basket of assets that they may not have the expertise in or time to watch over on a daily basis. The financial health of a mutual fund is often determined by their NAV (Net Asset Value) ratios. If a mutual fund's NAV ratio is at 1:1. It would mean that their market cap is equal to the value of their assets and/or investment instruments. Very often, NAV ratios would hover around 0.80 to 1.25 based on the future performance of their assets. For Apex Finance context, the ratio would be MC:TV (Market Cap to Treasury Valuation) if the ratio is below 1.0, you are getting a discount. Above 1.0, you are paying a premium that's worth it because we have an ecosystem of investments that would yield us earnings via means of crypto mining, yield farming, our own DEX and deflationary measures installed into our protocol. (Buy backs burning, Max Supply Cap, Liquidity Bolstering). Our treasury health is the heart of our protocol's success.  

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Our Dynamics

Passive Income

Apex tokens can be staked for $USDC within our own Web3 application in the near future. 


Having a max supply cap and no rebasing would ensure that we can compound value into the price of our tokens and not have investors constantly selling an endless supply of tokens.

Liquidity Bolsters

Profits from our ecosystem will be converted into $USDC and used to bolster up our Liquidity Pool to increase the price of $AFX token

Icarus Dynamic

Burning of $AFX tokens with our Icarus Dynamic to further compound value into our tokens

Our KYC Partner

We have KYC'ed and have partnered with to assure our community and gain more outreach for our protocol.

Road Map

3rd Quarter 2022

- Copper Launch Batch 1
- Copper Launch Batch 2
- Copper Launch Batch 3
- Copper Launch Batch 4
- Copper Launch Batch 5 (final batch)
- Contract Audit
- Multi-Sig Wallets
- Marketing
- Listing on CG & CMC
- Listing on Uniswap
- Games
- Governance Token Acquisitions
- Partnerships with other protocols
- Crypto mining farm Planning/Building/Acquisition
- USDC staking contract within Apex Finance protocol
- Icarus Dynamic (buyback & burn mechanism)

4th Quarter 2022

- Improvements on our contract based of feedback from our
- Dashboard/Website v2
- More Games (to be revealed later)
- Begin DEX Development

1st Quarter 2023

- DEX Development
- Dex Soft Launch
- Marketing for DEX

2nd Quarter 2023

- Official Launch of our DEX
- NFT Marketplace Development
- AFX token Utility with our DEX
- AFX token to be staked for ETH and/or USDC

Apex Finance. Est. 2022